Free Ways to Repair Your Credit

Millions of American are suffering for bad credit when it’s not even their fault. Our credit bureaus verification process regarding debts on your credit reports is a joke.

How does the credit reporting bureaus verify debt?

Credit bureaus simply have their computer system contact the debt collection agencies and request that they provide your name,social security number and address. If this information matches what’s in the credit bureaus system they consider it a verified debt and that it belong to you.

 Now let get to why you stop by, to see how you can repair your Credit.


  • You need a recent copy of your credit report, your allowed 1 Free Credit Report by law yearly. This will  help you to see where you stand and to notice if you have any inaccuracies on your credit.
  • Check for any negative debts,and how long each debt has been reported on your credit report. If it has been longer than 7 years it automatically has to be removed by the bureaus once you file your dispute. (Please Note: Beware of duplicate accounts. In some case debt collection agencies will sell your old debts to other companies) 

  • File a disputes with all 3 bureaus. Report any inaccurate information on each of your credit reports. (This includes address, inquiries and negative debts. 

Credit Bureaus have 30 days to resolve any disputes on our credit reports. They usually respond a couple of days before, however I have run into situation were they taken a little longer so be persistent.

Dispute Resources

TransUnion Disputes



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